Prophetic Hour

If you have challenges in your prayer life, know that you are not alone. If you ask many Christians today, they would tell you that spending time to pray is one of their major challenge. This may be because they lack the time or the discipline to pray.


The desire to improve your prayer life is one that is universal and many believers struggle in this pursuit. But it is important to know that with practice and little discipline you can begin to make progress one step at a time. So let’s begin by examining some simple secrets to improving your prayer life.


1. The Secret of Maximization:

Many people who live in such a busy city as ours find it difficult to have an elaborate or long time to pray in the early hours of the day while they are rushing off to work. And sometimes, they may struggle to pray after the business of the day as they would be tired. This makes them feel guilty and less powerful in the things of the Spirit. This feeling reduces their faith in themselves and in what they are capable of doing with God.


This ought not to be. You can buy time from your busy schedule if you can use the principle of maximization which means praying with every opportunity you get. While you are seating in the bus or driving to your office, you can spend time to pray under your breath, or during your break time, or even while in the restroom. The goal here is maximizing every single opportunity to talk to God. Discuss your present feeling, emotion, circumstance, objective, targets etc. with God instead of just thinking about it.


The difference between thinking and praying is the direction. If you will think your thoughts God-ward, i.e. towards God, then you can convert all your thinking time to prayer time, and that would give you many hours of prayer time every day.


Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

 – Phillippians 4:6

Did you notice the scriptures say ‘in everything’? What is everything? This means in every of your thought, every of your circumstance, whether good or bad, you should make your request known to God. This will go a long way to improve your spiritual confidence in God and also multiply your faith expectation, making miracles and testimonies a common place in your life.


2. The Secret of Tongues:

Another important way to improve your prayer life is to pray in tongues. Although in many quarters, praying in tongues is still a controversial topic, the scripture clearly shows us that it is the will of God that we pray in tongues.

Wherefore, brethren, covet to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues.

1Corinthians 14:39 

Praying in tongues which is a major way to pray in the spirit helps us a lot in prayers because it takes away the need to build up energy in prayer. Many times, what hinders people in prayer is where to start from. But when you pray in tongues, you do not need to look for where to start from; you just start. As you pray on the go as a busy person, praying in tongues will help you maintain communication with the Holy Ghost speaking to Him the will of God about every aspect of your life which you may not even know anything about.


This form of prayer also allows the Holy Spirit to cause us to pray about things that are crucial. For example, if as you are taking files from one office to another, your daughter is about to fall off the stairways in the crèche where you left her, you would not be aware of this and she also is too young to know the consequence of her next step. But as you are speaking in tongues in the lobby as you move from one officer to another, the Spirit of God can pray through you, making heaven respond by sending an angel to reverse her step.


Many times when bad things happen, we ask the question, ‘Where was God’. To answer that question, it is important that we know that this world runs by human freewill, meaning that we have to invite the spirit realm before they have access to participate in this physical realm.


We will continue to discuss this subject in the part 2 of this post.


God bless you as you take your prayer life to another level.


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